The holiday season is a time of cheer for many, but between all the spending, family gatherings, traveling, and—you guessed it—COVID-19, the holidays can be stressful. Still for others, it may be a time of grieving.

To maintain your mental health this holiday season, try putting these tips into practice.

Talk to family and friends.

Take time to share stressors and encourage one another. When meeting face-to-face isn’t safe or possible, videocalls make a great alternative.

Find a physical activity you enjoy.

The gym’s not for everyone—and that’s ok! Try out gardening or go for (socially-distanced) walks with neighbors.

Serve in your community.

Productivity can be a great relief from anxiety-based restlessness. Invest some time and resources into a charity or organization with a worthy cause.

Create a budget.

Do finances stress you out? With proper financial planning, you can control your money instead of letting it control you.

Declutter your living space.

Sort through your belongings and make a pile of items to donate. You can even sell some items online to make some extra cash.

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