Proactive MD Values 

 Service-Driven | Excellent Mindful | Positive | Compassionate

Five core values guide Proactive MD as we carry out our vision to elevate the standard of primary care. This week, we’re taking a look at Excellence: why it’s one of our guiding principles, how it shapes our internal operations, and the ways we’re delivering excellent care to the people we serve.

The importance of excellence.

Excellence is of utmost importance in healthcare—perhaps more than in any other industry. Unfortunately, however, it often isn’t central focus of primary care practice. Fee-for-service billing models have increased patient panels and specialist referrals while decreasing the time providers can spend with their patients. The result? An impersonal and disjointed experience. This can lead to incorrect or late diagnoses, unmanaged chronic conditions, misinformation, and poor long-term health outcomes.

And while it’s easy to believe that excellence doesn’t matter as much at the primary care level—that it’s more important for brain surgeons and oncologists to be able to operate at their best than it is for primary care doctors— this couldn’t be further from the truth. Primary care is the hub of the healthcare neighborhood: the foundation and central location of all healthcare a patient receives. It’s critically important that primary care physicians are empowered and incentivized to provide comprehensive, proactive, excellent care.

The team of excellence.

We believe primary care is central to providing an excellent overall healthcare experience. We also understand that our culture is central to creating excellent primary care. The only way we can elevate the standard of primary care is by elevating the standard we hold our own employees to. Proactive MD follows a thorough vetting process. We know it’s important to identify, evaluate, and select care teams who fit culturally with our clients, align with Proactive MD’s clinical and operational values, and have the experience necessary to deliver the high level of care our model requires. Through continuing education, incentives for outcomes instead of volume, engaged corporate support, and a reporting structure where clinicians only report to physicians, we create an environment where excellence is both required and rewarded.

The model of excellence.

Proactive MD’s care model goes above and beyond the typical boundaries of healthcare. We meet each employee’s unique mental, emotional, social, and physical needs. The foundation of strong Physician-patient relationships and onsite Patient Advocates predicates Proactive MD’s care model. We empower this with advanced population health insights and Patient Advocates who personally guide and advise employees through the full healthcare system. By coupling reduced-rate access to the nation’s leading specialists for complex and catastrophic diagnoses, the Proactive MD model removes obstacles to care, reduces risk, and dramatically improves the quality of care for employees while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs for employers. Our commitment to excellence has created an holistic solution that delivers care without compromise.

If Proactive MD’s commitment to excellence resonates with you, consider joining our team! If you know someone who might be a good fit, send them a link from our “Careers” page. Search our job openings here