A health & wellness center for employers can work wonders.

We help employers design, staff, run and monitor onsite health & wellness centers. We bring the best technologies and the best medical professionals straight to your office, saving you money and increasing your team’s productivity.

What’s so important about direct primary care?

The traditional healthcare model comes with high healthcare costs for your company and employees, and each year you’re paying more for less benefit. Meanwhile, your talent pool decreases because they’re stressed out, burnt out or both. Yet you feel powerless to improve the system.

It’s time to fix the patient-physician relationship. Our physicians spend more time getting to the know patients and investing in their wellness. Patients spend more time getting and staying well. And they spend less time filling out forms in waiting rooms.

We believe it's time to reform healthcare at the primary care level

Making healthcare accessible to your whole team

At Proactive MD, we are committed to empowering your team to become better healthcare consumers. And the best way to do this is by:

Having an onsite health center that is easy to access.

Staffing it with physicians and experts that are custom-matched to your needs.

Designing and implementing systems that increase efficiency and produce better outcomes.

Our services

We are your organization's total post-enrollment solution


Health & Wellness Centers

These aren’t just lightweight clinics or urgent care centers; they are fully functioning medical offices.  

Physician-Led Care Model

We’re changing the experience of visiting your doctor for the better by putting patient care first.  

Health Assessments

Individual health screenings are a critical part of tailoring a total health solution.  

Disease & Risk Management

Managing a chronic or long-term disease requires a long-term working relationship.

Health & Wellness Coaching

We design wellness programs customized to your organization that engage employees.  

Robust Clinical Tracking

We deliver detailed yet anonymized data about every single aspect of your clinic.  

System of Care

By giving employees access to near-site clinics, they can skip the long lines and get care when they need it.  

Occupational Medicine

If pre-employment physicals are an important part of your organization, our health centers are an ideal solution.