In most healthcare settings, a provider must juggle many competing priorities like hospital systems, insurance carriers, pharmacies, and more. At Proactive MD, we are only and always about the patient. Because we work for our patients and are not limited by or beholden to such powerful industries, we are able to provide the best possible care both inside and out of our health center walls.

What does this look like in practice?

Finding high-quality specialists

Through our Advanced Primary Care model, we are able to meet up to 80% of a patient’s care needs within the walls of our health center. However, we know that sometimes a patient will need specific, quality treatment that is outside the scope of our primary care providers. In order to ensure that our standard of best-in-class care is reflected in treatments performed outside of our health center, we work diligently to find top-rated specialists who have proven success with whatever treatments are needed, all the while the primary care provider stays informed and engaged.

Partnering with Patient Advocates

Our mission for patient-focused primary care is further fulfilled by our Patient Advocates. Navigating the complexities of healthcare shouldn’t be a burden on any patient. We are committed to making sure our patients feel comfortable and participative in their healthcare journey, from understanding their diagnosis, arranging travel to obtain treatment, or even being a listening ear or hand to hold, our Patient Advocates can do it all.

Virtual specialty consultations

Our physicians have access to innovative technology that offers specialist consultations at their fingertips without ever leaving our health center. For example, if a patient has something on their skin that is concerning, their primary care provider can take a photo of the area and send it “blindly” to a network of dermatologists who can offer advice and treatment ideas. The scope of advanced primary care continues to expand while allowing the primary care provider to remain fully engaged with their patient and their care.

Our Promise in Practice

These aspects of our model allow providers to build meaningful, trusting relationships with their patients.

One of our patients was discovered to have a lump in her breast, so we sent her to have a biopsy done. She was scared as she anticipated her results. When the oncologist went to schedule her follow-up appointment to go over the results, the patient decided that she wanted to have the results sent over to her primary care provider so that they could go over them in her familiar primary care setting. She knew that if she was about to receive bad news, she wanted her primary care provider right next to her. That’s what we’re all about: being right beside our patients and fighting for their greatest good.