“When I’m walking down the hall or in the factories, people will stop me and say, ‘this is just amazing.’ Our associates come up to us and tell us we’ve done something great.”
There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re providing high-quality healthcare to your employees and their families–our partner, Lee Industries, has experienced this firsthand. A family-owned business, Lee Industries recognizes the importance of offering the free, comprehensive care their population and loved ones deserve. We’re proud to serve such an amazing partner who values their associates and the quality and customization of everything they produce.
At Proactive MD, primary care is done differently; we’re not afraid to let our hearts get involved. We see our partners and their employees as the unique, deserving populations that they are, and we will stop at nothing to provide them with Advanced Primary Care that works. 
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Proactively Managing Chronic Disease
When left untreated or under-managed, chronic diseases can wreak havoc on patient lives and employer healthcare costs alike. That’s why chronic condition care is baked into the foundation of every Proactive MD employer-sponsored health center. Check out our Lee Industries’ success snapshot highlighting the impact our Health Center had in the first year of operation here: Lee Industries Case Study