Quality primary care is the solid foundation for improving the health and well-being of your patient population while decreasing healthcare costs—but what does quality primary care look like? We believe in pinpointing specific services that work in tandem with primary care to address your unique patient population needs. With our Advanced Primary Care model, our Health Centers can easily integrate with other necessary clinical care programs that increase the efficacy of your onsite healthcare program and elevate the patient experience.

Beginning With Data 

Successful integrations begin with a deep dive into population health data to determine which additional services will best serve the patients and the employer. After a careful analysis of a school district’s high-cost, in-demand musculoskeletal (MSK) referrals, we integrated an MSK program with the client’s primary care Health Center to decrease cost and improve patient outcomes.

As a result of this integration, this client experienced the following results after one year:

  • 27% decrease in MSK spend
  • 36% decrease in MSK utilization
  • 75% improvement in reduced pain

Bringing it All Together

The success of integrating this client’s MSK program into their existing services underscores the importance of connecting your unique patient population to data-driven solutions. By bringing more services under one roof, we not only connect patients to the right care but also more closely coordinate and manage the full patient experience. With a successful clinical integration, our Health Centers provide more comprehensive and cost-effective care.