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A Day in the Life of a Proactive MD

Empowering Providers to Care Without Compromise

There’s no denying that the healthcare system is broken—especially for healthcare providers. Hospitals and family practices have expanded the role of the clinical team, asking physicians, nurses, and medical assistants to handle the burden of insurance claims and managing medical paperwork. Instead of caring for patients, clinicians are expected to refer their patients to specialists, chasing unrealistic RVUs.

It’s no wonder healthcare providers feel fed up and burnt out.

How Are We Different?

Proactive MD

We’re Here to Change Healthcare for Good.

We’ve structured our onsite primary care Health & Wellness Centers to be better for healthcare providers so that you can be at your best for your patients.


We see you and how you practice medicine differently.

We founded Proactive MD on one simple premise: Physicians should never have to compromise the quality of care they provide to meet the demands of their profession.

By reducing administrative burdens and providing superior support, our model creates more space for meaningful doctor-patient relationships.

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Our Model


Care Without Compromise

What does this look like in practice?

We put the physician-patient relationship back where it’s meant to be: at the heart of your practice. Here’s a snapshot of what it means to be a Proactive MD healthcare provider.

  1. Time spent with patients: 30 minutes
  2. Patient Panel: 800-1,200 per physician
  3. Patient seen daily: Maximum of 16
  4. Average work week: 32-40 hours per week
  5. After hours work: Limited
  6. After hours patient care: Smaller population, lower call volume

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A Healthcare Career that Truly Makes an Impact

  • Enjoy More Time With Patients

    Our Physicians spend an average of 30 minutes per patient visit.

  • Impact Your Patient Population

    Develop deeper relationships with a smaller patient panel. Our Physicians see a maximum of 16 patients a day.

  • Practice Broad-Scope Medicine

    Practice thorough, effective primary care for patients and their families.

  • Care Beyond the Walls

    The onsite Patient Advocate partners with the clinicians to drive engagement and coordinate care. We truly guide patients through the entire continuum of care.

  • No RVUs or Volume-Based Measures

    Our Physicians are incentivized based on quality of care, patient engagement, and coordination of care – not volume.

  • Compensation and Benefits

    Generous compensation coupled with incentives, paid time off, and a competitive benefits plan.


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