Edison Healthcare and Proactive MD team up to provide access to the nation’s only Smart Care health network, for patients who face overwhelming diagnoses and the prospect of major surgery.

GREENVILLE, SC — Edison Healthcare and Proactive MD have entered into an exclusive partnership that offers employers access to the highest levels of customized, compassionate, and evidence-based healthcare services at no cost to the patient and at reduced case rates for employers.

In general, 6% of a company’s health plan members spend 80% of plan dollars, and of that patient population, research shows that 20% of patients are misdiagnosed and 40% have wrong or sub-optimal treatment plans. With healthcare costs continuing to soar across communities throughout the country, the expertise of this new partnership provides patients and employers the solution they need to address these costly healthcare concerns.

Edison Healthcare and Proactive MD have joined forces, creating a healthcare delivery solution intimately focused on the unique healthcare needs of each patient across the full continuum of care. Beginning with a comprehensive primary care relationship with a Proactive MD provider, and progressing through the coordination and delivery of specialized care received at an Edison Healthcare Smart Care facility, employers can now leverage the strength of this partnership to reduce their overall healthcare spend, improve care integrity, and deliver healthcare solutions customized to the individual needs of their employees.

“Our approach to serving patients includes not only the personal relationship between our physician and the patient, but also all aspects of providing care within the healthcare environment.  We work tirelessly to guide our patients through the complex healthcare system,” said John Collier, President and CEO of Proactive MD. “And for our patients who are facing the prospect of a major surgery, there is absolutely no one better than Edison Healthcare to provide the expertise, support, and specialized care to our patients during their time of need. Tom and his team have built an incredible solution that brings the innovative advancements in treatment that our patients and employers deserve, resulting in better clinical and financial outcomes.”

Like Edison Healthcare, Proactive MD gives employees access to excellent, affordable healthcare while reducing healthcare costs for employers,” said Tom Emerick, President and CEO of Edison Healthcare. “Proactive MD’s commitment to strengthening the relationship between patient and primary care physician and guiding patients through the care continuum is a unique complement to how Edison Healthcare serves patients facing complex diagnoses or major surgeries. Through this partnership, even more Americans will have access to the best healthcare in an affordable way.”

Edison Healthcare and Proactive MD share a common, deeply held belief that there is always opportunity to innovate, advance, and improve the health of our communities. This partnership represents a bold step forward in that direction, and as the two teams continue to work together, the clients and patients of both companies will enjoy the benefits of this exclusive partnership.

Learn more about this innovative partnership by visiting https://proactivemd.wpengine.com/edison-partnership/.

About Edison Healthcare: Edison Healthcare is the first and, so far, only company in the United States who provides a network of both domestic and international Smart Care Medical Centers which serves patients with the utmost standard of quality medical care. The Edison Healthcare Network has contracted with leading health systems committed to offering multidisciplinary, team-based approaches in the evaluation and treatment of patients. The emphasis is on appropriate care. Edison Healthcare is on a mission to ensure that the original diagnosis is correct and the treatment plan is appropriate for each individual. If surgery is needed, the Edison Healthcare Smart Care Medical Centers have met the proprietary quality and ethical practice guidelines as well as provider performance measures leading to successful surgical outcomes.

About Proactive MD: Proactive MD partners with employers to provide employer-sponsored, onsite Health & Wellness Centers staffed with board-certified MDs or DOs and a dedicated Patient Advocate. The Proactive MD model puts the physician-patient relationship back where it’s meant to be: At the heart of medicine. Giving physicians more time to get to know their patients, and supporting patients as they become better consumers of health, creates a profoundly meaningful relationship with the entire care team. We call it Care Without Compromise. For employers, the Proactive MD model reduces the high cost of healthcare and allows them to invest in the wellbeing of their team more efficiently and effectively.