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We address your most complicated and costly healthcare claims.

Proactive MD is different. That’s because we’re not just an onsite health clinic provider. While we do set-up and manage onsite Health & Wellness Centers for our employer partners, we recognize that clinics alone are only half a solution.

Instead, we offer a comprehensive, full-service risk management solution that impacts your overall healthcare costs. To transform healthcare and impact your bottom line, organizations need a complete solution that addresses high cost claimants, manages chronic conditions, negotiates better rates for specialty care, and remains connected to and responsible for patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Our services are designed to take all of the administrative burden off you and your HR department and help you navigate an increasingly complex system while reducing risk and creating better patient outcomes.


Our Comprehensive Services

Account Services

These services are included as part of our fixed-fee pricing structure. Our expert team handles everything from the implementation of your onsite Health & Wellness Center to ongoing price negotiation with network providers.

Our Account Services include:



Whether you are setting up a brand-new clinic or switching to Proactive MD from another vendor, we will completely customize our implementation to your patient population and manage every step of the process for you. Yes, we’ll even handle the construction crew during the design-build phase and communicate proactively with your employees before launch.

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Director of Client Service Delivery

Many of our competitors expect their account managers to handle 20 or more clients. That’s not how we operate. When you partner with Proactive MD, you get a committed, responsive team that answers phone calls and emails, gets back to you quickly, and handles all the fine details of your account. We even include a Service Guarantee in our contract, so you know we mean business.

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Direct Contracting Opportunities

We have deep relationships within the healthcare community and are expert price negotiators. As part of our service, we identify opportunities to contract directly with outside providers. In addition to financial savings, this develops a closer care-coordination loop that results in better patient care and outcomes.

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Data & Reporting

Proactive MD begins our services with a comprehensive review of your organization’s claims data. Through Proactive IQ, our proprietary data analytics platform, we’re able to understand your biggest healthcare risks. More importantly, we’re able to engage your employees based on their unique, individual needs. With our ongoing quarterly and annual reporting services, you can see exactly where our program is making an impact.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Patient Services

Our commitment to patients outside of the clinic walls makes Proactive MD unique. Any provider can see patients annually onsite and make referrals—but that level of care doesn’t improve health or address your rising healthcare costs.

Our Patient Services include:


Patient Advocacy

Each of our Health & Wellness Centers has a dedicated Patient Advocate who increases patient engagement, helps your employees navigate the healthcare system, and creates a better patient experience. The Patient Advocate remains connected to patients in their day-to-day life, where real-world healthcare decisions happen. Through our Patient Advocacy services, we help patients access the care they need while keeping your costs contained.

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Clinical Services

We hire passionate, talented doctors and clinicians and then empower them to practice broad-scope, Advanced Primary Care at your site. Our clinical team can manage chronic conditions, perform lab tests and other diagnostic procedures, and practice preventive care. By offering a vast scope of services onsite, we’re able to address complex issues before they become critical and drive down your healthcare costs.

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Second Opinion Networks

Proactive MD services include exclusive access to the nation’s leading second opinion network and Smart Care Centers. Our partnerships enable us to manage complex medical needs and address your high-cost claimants. Providing access to the best surgical centers and physicians at negotiated rates results in significant cost savings for you and more successful outcomes for your employees.

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