Our Pricing Model

Program Pricing That Creates Predictability

Traditional Pricing is Risky Business

Traditional onsite clinic program pricing is a risky proposition for customers. Most onsite clinics operate under a Pass-Through, Cost-Plus pricing model that places all financial variability back on your company. CFOs and HR leadership have learned the painful lesson that cost-plus pricing is unpredictable, frustrating, and problematic.

Our Pricing Model is Different


Fixed VS. Variable Expenses

Are You Willing to Bet Your Bottom Line on Your Clinic’s Performance?

We didn’t think so.

You know you shouldn’t bear the risk of vendor performance. But, until now, you haven’t really had a choice.

Introducing Comprehensive Fixed Fee Pricing.

Proactive MD is turning the industry right-side-up, placing the performance risk of running a Health & Wellness Center where it should be—on us. With Proactive MD’s Comprehensive Fixed Fee pricing model, approximately 95% of the cost of your Health & Wellness Center is set, so your company gets predictability. No risk, no surprises.

Pricing Model Comparison

Proactive MD
Fixed Fee Model
94.79%Fixed Expense
5.43%Fixed Expense
Pricing Model


A Comparison

Traditional Vendor Pricing vs. Comprehensive Fixed Fee

Industry Competitive Price Comparison: 40 Hour Physician-Based Clinic


1 FT Physician, 1 FT Patient Advocate, 1 FT Medical Assistant




1,000 Adult Members


40 hours + after hours call

  Traditional Vendor Pricing Proactive MD Pricing
Labor Invoicing Approach Traditional Cost Plus Bid Average Actual Expense Incurred Included
Clinical Labor Pass Through $418,500 $460,350
Staff Replacement / Temporary Staff (PRN) Cost Pass Through $27,203 $48,337
Staff Recruitment Pass Through $20,925 $26,319
After-Hours Care / Travel Not Offered $0 $0
Patient Advocacy Services        
Patient Engagement / Population Health Programs Pass Through $3,500 $3,500
Medical Social Work Services Not Offered $0 $0
Behavioral & Mental Health Support Not Offered $0 $0
Dependent Care Resource Education & Navigation Not Offered $0 $0
Benefit Plan, State, and Community Program Advocacy Not Offered $0 $0
Plan Member Transition Management Services Not Offered $0 $0
Second Opinion Services & Care Coordination Not Offered $0 $0
Medical Supplies Pass Through $5,750 $5,750
Office Supplies & Equipment / Rentals Pass Through $3,675 $3,675
Other Pass Through $2,800 $2,800
Professional Fees        
Staff Training / Development Fixed $7,500 $7,500
Revenue Cycle Management Pass Through $18,720 $18,720 N / A
Medical Malpractice / Professional Insurance Fixed $11,500 $11,500
Lab Services Pass Through $4,500 $4,500
Technology – Software Services Fixed $18,500 $18,500
Management Fees        
Service Team / Account Team Support Travel & Expenses Pass Through $2,400 $3,600
Direct Contracting & Network Development Not Offered $0 $0
G&A Variable $83,700 $92,070
Management Fees Variable $40,176 $44,194
Example Traditional On-site Clinic Financials   $669,349 $761,614 $695,500

Pass Through Expenses For Traditional Vendor & Proactive MD

The following pass-through expenses are in addition to the items listed above and will generally be itemized and passed through at cost with no markup by all vendors. Specific categories of pass-through expenses include the following: Complex labs, pharmaceutical supplies, immunizations, vaccinations, CLIA-waived laboratory supplies, third-part pathology, and negotiated specialist rates. For illustrative purposes, estimated at $3.15 PMPM = $37,800 Annually

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Advanced Primary Care

Comprehensive Fixed Fee.
Comprehensive Care.

In addition to flipping the paradigm on pricing, Proactive MD also fundamentally redefines traditional onsite primary care through a model we call Advanced Primary Care.

Dedicated Patient Advocacy Services that extend far beyond simple community referrals, risk-stratified patient engagement model that tailors performance based on individual care needs, and focus on serving patients with the most complex and costly diagnoses creates a uniquely transformational total healthcare solution.

A Comprehensive Fixed Fee for Comprehensive Care. We’re changing the rules for onsite health in favor of you and your plan members.

What Included in the Fixed Fee?

Proactive MD Pricing

What’s Included in Your Comprehensive Fixed Fee*

*Included labor, services, and supplies may vary by state.

  • Labor
    • Clinical Labor
    • Recruitment, New Hires, and Staff Vacancies
    • After Hours Care & Travel
  • Supplies
    • Medical Supplies
    • Office Supplies & Equipment Rentals
    • Other General Business Supplies
  • Professional Fees
    • Staff Training & Development
    • Medical Malpractice & Professional Insurance
    • CLIA-Waived & Reference Lab Services
    • Technology Software Services
  • Patient Advocacy Services
    • Patient Outreach & Engagement
    • Population Health Programs & Wellness Initiatives
    • Medical Social Work Services
    • Behavioral & Mental Health Support
    • Dependent Care Resource Education & Navigation
    • Healthcare Benefits Navigation & Community Program Advocacy
    • Transition Services for Employees Who Are Leaving or Retiring
    • Chronic Condition Management
    • Second Opinion Services & Care Coordination through Nation’s only Smart Care Medical Center Network
  • Management Fees
    • Service Team Travel & Expenses
    • Direct Contracting & Network Development
    • G&A
    • Other Management Fees

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