As states continue to add restrictions or extend “Stay-at-Home” orders, we know many of our patients and community members may have financial or logistical concerns. At Proactive MD, we know that it is imperative to take care of a patient’s physical symptoms, but true health is grounded in promoting holistic wellbeing. Our practitioners are hard at work to check-in with our patients and provide them with resources for navigating the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some of the resources we are sharing that can be accessed no matter your location. 

Neighborhood Navigator for Community Resources:

For many families, it would have been impossible to predict or prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have questions about what local resources are available to support you and your family. Using the “Neighborhood Navigator” tool from the American Academy of Family Physicians, you can learn more about what’s available in your community.

Meals on Wheels:

You or a family member may have challenges cooking or shopping for groceries. Right now, Meals on Wheels America is working to meet the increased needs of seniors and those with disabilities, providing nutritious meals, a friendly visit, and a welfare check. You can reach out to your local program using this link.

United Way:

We know you may be experiencing anxiety about how to avoid disruption in your daily life. You can dial 211 to speak with United Way. They will provide a free, confidential referral from a community resource specialist who can connect you to critical services in your area. They also have a website that connects people of all ages and from all communities to the essential health and human services. 

You’ll find information about: 

  • Supplemental food and nutrition programs
  • Shelter and housing options and utilities assistance
  • Emergency information and disaster relief
  • Employment and education opportunities
  • Services for veterans
  • Health care, vaccination and health epidemic information
  • Addiction prevention and rehabilitation programs
  • Re-entry help for ex-offenders
  • Support groups for individuals with mental illnesses or special needs
  • A safe, confidential path out of physical and/or emotional domestic abuse

Volunteer Spirit – Providing Resources:

Some families or small businesses might be interested in providing resources to medical facilities in their  area. If you would like to volunteer or donate medical supplies, check out this resource from FEMA about how to get involved.

As always, if you are struggling with your mental health, reach out to your Proactive MD Health Center or a member of your care team for assistance. They can provide you with care or help get you set up with these resources.