Advanced Primary Care

Our Health & Wellness Center Model

We come alongside patients through the entire continuum of care.

Proactive MD developed an Advanced Primary Care model, coming alongside patients through the entire continuum of care. As a result, we’re able to reduce your risk, drive down the total cost of care, and truly give patients a better quality of life.

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Step One

Get to Know the Patient Population

Long before we even open the doors of your new Health & Wellness Center, the Proactive MD team starts working to better understand your patient population by:

Analyzing Claims

Analyzing claims information and other data points to get a comprehensive view of the health challenges your workforce is facing.

Talking with Patients

Talking to individual patients about their health concerns, sources of stress, family histories, and more.

Creating Ongoing Efforts

Meeting with HR and management to discuss general population concerns, occupational health concerns, and any ongoing wellness efforts at the organization.

We then feed all of this information into Proactive IQ, our proprietary data analytics platform, to determine patient risk and develop strategies to engage every patient according to their health risks and needs.


Step Two

Actively Engage Patients

In our model, a dedicated Patient Advocate begins engaging with patients early, before the Health & Wellness Center officially opens, and continues ongoing engagement efforts to ensure high participation in our Advanced Primary Care program. Using the data from Proactive IQ, a Proactive MD Patient Advocate may:

Organize Wellness Initiatives

Develop wellness initiatives, workshops, Lunch & Learns, and other programs to address common health concerns in the patient population.

Build Ongoing Trust

Encourage self-disclosure by sitting down and talking with individual patients, setting up a listening station, hosting lunches, and building trust with patients.

Navigate Patient Needs

Act as a Benefits Concierge and healthcare navigator, helping patients better understand their needs and the resources available to them.

The Patient Advocate removes obstacles to care, helps patients get a holistic view of their health, and comes alongside patients to restore hope and healing.


Step Three

Practice Broad-Scope Primary Care Onsite

We offer dedicated Patient Advocacy, thorough administrative support, and superior account services, which frees our clinical team to practice broad-scope primary care onsite. At our Health & Wellness Centers, providers are able to:

Spend More Time with Patients

Engage with patients for longer, typically 30 minutes per visit. Our clinical teams take the time to build trust with patients, get to know their concerns, and encourage them to make healthier choices.

Provide Cost-Effective Care

Draw labs, perform biometric screenings, and conduct other procedures in-house that would normally be outsourced at a greater cost to both you and your employees.

Manage Chronic Conditions

Manage chronic conditions, providing quality care at a lower cost. By spending more time with patients, our providers can be the patient’s dedicated care provider through the continuum of care of chronic conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes, before the patient experiences a health crisis.

Maximize Referrals

Our lower patient panel and MD model allows providers to spend time providing comprehensive care rather than referring patients to specialists. We also maximize reverse referrals to further bend the cost curve. When specialist care is needed, we are involved through the entire spectrum of care. 

Because we use an MD-based model, we’re able to offer a greater scope of services than our competitors, impacting your total cost of care and improving patient health.


Step Four

Coordinate Care in the Community

It’s impossible to impact your bottom line without accounting for the social determinants of health or addressing your most complex and costly diagnoses. Our model provides a solution for these issues by:

Staffing A Dedicated Patient Advocate

Staffing a dedicated Patient Advocate who locates social and financial resources for patients, removes barriers, and gets patients the care they need.

Staying Connected with Patients

Enabling both the clinical team and the Patient Advocate to remain connected to patients throughout their journey.

exclusive Access to Smart Care Centers

The only onsite provider that can impact your high and catastrophic costs. We provide access to the nation’s only Smart Care Centers and leading second opinion network to manage complex medical needs. Our partnerships with innovative providers allow us to offer the best care at negotiated rates. 

Proactive MD digs deeper to find out what patients really need, and what’s keeping them from accessing appropriate care. We provide greater access to quality care and engaged, empathetic support across the entire care spectrum.


Step Five

Follow-up Personally

Proactive MD delivers more than one-time community referrals or simple care coordination. Working together, the clinical team and the Patient Advocate make the practice of medicine more personal by:

Conducting Home Visits with Patients

Calling and conducting home visits to make sure our patients follow-up on referrals (Yes, our physicians and Patient Advocates drop by to visit their patients).

connecting with patients during hospital stays

Visiting patients in the hospital and communicating with patients after hospital stays to ensure our patients understand the care they are receiving and to prepare patients for discharge.

Connecting Patients with The Right Resources

Working with discharge managers to make sure patients have everything they need following a hospital stay, conducting home safety evaluations, and finding the right resources for patients.

Following Up on Our Patient’s Next Steps

Scheduling follow-up appointments, answering patient questions about ongoing health concerns, and providing hands-on care management.

Our model walks patients through their entire healthcare journey, finding opportunities to make their care more efficient, more affordable, and more effective along the way.