Proactive MD + Edison Healthcare

Working together to reshape healthcare.

Together, we provide access to the nation’s only Smart Care health network for better overall healthcare cost impact.

Research shows that in general, 6% of a company’s health plan members spend 80% of plan dollars. Of that patient population, 20% of patients are misdiagnosed and 40% have wrong or suboptimal treatment plans. We know there is a better way.

Proactive MD and Edison Healthcare are teaming up to improve the way individuals and businesses navigate complex medical concerns. Combining the onsite convenience of direct primary care with access to a global network of medical specialists, we offer an innovative, patient-centered approach that focuses on compassionate, timely, and appropriate care.

In a health and wellness industry driven by data, information, and technological advances, it’s easy to lose sight of the personal side of patient care. Your employees deserve quality, comprehensive medical services, and through our exclusive partnership, that’s precisely what we provide.

How it works

The Process

  1. Evaluate the Treatment Plan When a patient receives a diagnosis for a complex medical condition that requires specialty care, their Proactive MD patient advocate and primary care physician help them utilize the Edison Healthcare network of clinical experts to confirm the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

  2. Identify Specific Medical Center Then, utilizing a nationwide network of Smart Care Medical Centers, the patient will be connected to and scheduled with the best medical center and specialty physicians to deliver excellent and appropriate care to these patients facing complex surgeries/care plans.

  3. Coordinate Travel Arrangements Edison Healthcare’s care teams then coordinate the appointments, flights, hotel, and transportation arrangements to the medical center for the patient and a care provider – all at no cost to the patient and at negotiated rates that deliver substantial savings to the company’s health plan.

How the process works

Proactive MD

Throughout the Entire Process

The Proactive MD patient advocate, primary care physician, and Edison Healthcare service team member continue alongside the patient, helping them navigate the healthcare system, answering their questions, providing support, and ensuring the patient transitions smoothly back to our care.

The Result

What Does This Mean for You?

By enhancing the direct primary care model with an extensive network of Smart Care Medical Centers, Proactive MD and Edison Healthcare provide benefits that extend from your employees’ physical health to your company’s bottom line.

While traditional onsite health vendors can only provide care within the clinic, through Proactive MD your employees receive the peace of mind that comes from having a primary care physician who can not only diagnose complex medical conditions but also help them navigate the healthcare system while ensuring the highest quality and appropriate care offering better patient outcomes. Additionally, your company gains access to an exclusive specialist network that results in lower insurance-related expenses for high-cost medical services.

At Proactive MD and Edison Healthcare, we’re setting a new standard for transformative care and empowering your company to offer that care to those who need it most.

This is Care Beyond the Walls.