Proactive MD Values 

 Service-DrivenExcellent Mindful | Positive | Compassionate

Five core values guide Proactive MD as we carry out our vision to elevate the standard of primary care. This week, we’re talking service: why it’s one of our guiding principles, how it shapes our internal operations, and the ways we’re delivering service-driven healthcare to patients we are honored to serve.

As it relates to economics, healthcare is part of the service industry. It offers consumers intangible services instead of material goods. But for many, this categorization rings true only in the economic sense: “service” is the last word most patients would think of to describe their experiences with the healthcare system.

But Proactive MD is changing that. Service is the first of our five core values because we know that ultimately, healthcare won’t work without it. Putting the patient’s needs first—above profit and convenience and red tape— is what actually moves the needle, both in long-term health outcomes and in financial sustainability.

We have handbooks, studies, and performance guarantees that detail our industry-leading patient satisfaction. But our ability to deliver affordable, world-class care hinges on our culture of service. Here are some common phrases we use to help us internalize what service needs to look and, more importantly, feel like at Proactive MD.

“The Harper Standard of Care.”

A man carries his daughter on his shoulders.

CEO John Collier and his daughter, Harper

Harper is the name of our CEO’s daughter. John Collier encourages employees to replace her name in this phrase with one of their own loved ones. Service at Proactive MD means providing the same experience for every patient and client that we would want for our own families.

“The Best Care Experience of My Life.”

This is the reaction we want from every patient who receives healthcare at Proactive MD. When patients leave a Proactive MD Health Center, they should feel valued, confident, cared for, and hopeful— a result of service that prioritizes their greatest good above all else.

“Care that Won’t Quit.”

This phrase demonstrates a philosophy of service. Service that goes above and beyond the typical boundaries of primary care to meet every employee’s unique needs. Our ultimate standard is that we will stop at nothing to serve our patients.

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