Change makes people anxious—especially any change related to their healthcare benefits. But don’t worry. When you change from your current onsite clinic vendor to Proactive MD, we manage all aspects of the transition, carefully building trust and engaging your employees from day one.

As soon as you’re ready to make the switch, Proactive MD’s highly trained and experienced Implementation Management Team begins upgrading and customizing your current onsite health center to create a better fit for your organization.

Proactive MD’s typical Implementation and Launch Plan for a clinic upfit takes approximately 3 to 6 months from approval. Our fixed-fee pricing model includes comprehensive project management services such as facility preparations, initial employee engagement, and more.

Launch Process

Our expert team handles the daunting task of managing every facet leading up to opening day—ensuring a smooth, successful transition to your new onsite Health & Wellness Center.

Hiring & Training the Care Team
Our goal is to retain the very best physicians and clinicians. If your current clinical team is meeting your organization’s needs, we are happy to interview them for positions as Proactive MD employees. If not, we’re experts in recruiting top-notch talent, negotiating competitive salaries and benefits, and training your new team for the task ahead.

Our personnel recruitment activities include:

  • Clinical team overview
  • Understanding your culture, mission, vision and values
  • Local recruitment efforts
  • Interviews, Meet & Greets, and hiring
  • Onboarding and training

  • Communications & Onboarding Patients
    Proactive MD truly shines when it comes to engaging your people. We understand that your employees want help navigating their healthcare benefits, and we’ve developed a comfort-building approach to new patient engagement. The early introduction of our Patient Advocate decreases burden on your HR department and creates an environment that feels personal, familiar, and friendly.

    Our thorough patient onboarding process includes:

  • Initiating employee outreach and engagement sessions
  • Managing ongoing employee communications and engagement
  • Developing marketing campaigns
  • Participating in employee orientations and educational sessions
  • Preparing employees for Health & Wellness Center launch
  • Organizing the Grand Opening
  • The Proactive MD Promise

  • Our implementation fee is fixed, accounting for our entire scope of implementation services.
  • All professional services, travel, recruiting, installation, training, communications, and other services are included.
  • We never pass-through any unexpected costs—no surprises.

  • Your team can relax as we tailor a solution to align with your culture and meet your employees needs, keeping you informed at every phase while we handle the heavy lifting and ensure a successful launch.