Chronic conditions & spending out of control

Proactive MD was brought in to help this employer cut down on their overall healthcare spending. We began, as we always do, by conducting a comprehensive analysis of this employer’s existing healthcare data to see where the healthcare dollars were going.

After getting a clear picture of this employer’s healthcare landscape, we conducted a comprehensive health assessment on the population to verify our findings.

With this information in hand, our onsite clinical care team was able to identify and engage all high-risk employees to get them in the clinic for treatment. Using health coaching and education, we were able to keep these high-risk employees in compliance with their care plans.

92% of high-risk patients now in compliance

At Proactive MD, we are uniquely equipped to handle the entire healthcare landscape of an employer. After years of engagement, this employee population loves their Proactive MD provider. Engagement in the clinic is at an all-time high with 92% of high-risk patients in compliance with our proactive care plan.

Empowering employees to view healthcare as an asset to manage rather than a cost to avoid.

Quick Analysis

Self-funded large manufacturer with over 1,200 employees

Proactive MD clinic serves all corporate, factory workers, and their families

300+ patients suffering from untreated chronic diabetes

Outcomes by the numbers

Total number of visits to health & wellness center

Total number of preventative care visits

Total number of hours spent on education & outreach by clinical staff

compliance with proactive diabetic care plan

Estimated primary care encounter savings

Estimated pharmaceutical savings

Estimated savings in onsite labs

Estimated savings on employee out-of-pocket health spending

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