Out of control healthcare spending & high levels of chronic conditions

  • Self-funded manufacturer with over 1,000 employees
  • Proactive MD Health & Wellness Center serves all corporate, factory workers, and their families
  • 200+ patients suffering from untreated chronic disease

After a comprehensive analysis of the employer’s existing healthcare data, Proactive MD found a population with high rates of diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions. Plan members were neglecting crucial preventive care like cancer screenings and cholesterol checks.

Patients were using the ER, urgent cares, and specialty offices to manage their chronic diseases and treat common issues like colds and muscle pain. Not only were employees’ outcomes worsening, but their employer’s costs were rising unsustainably.

Targeting high-risk patients to improve health & decrease spend.

The Proactive MD care team also ensured these employees received appropriate preventive care and screenings, successfully detecting several life-threatening conditions including cancer and stroke early, saving the employees’ lives and reducing the cost of their treatment by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Using our proprietary risk stratification analysis, Proactive MD identified the patients with the highest clinical and financial risk. Our team then targeted engagement toward these individuals. Once engaged in the Health & Wellness Center, the care team taught them how to manage their chronic conditions properly, avoiding future trips to the ER or hospital.

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Continuing the trend: bending the cost curve & improving quality of care.

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Today, employee engagement is at an all-time high, and many employees have developed a personal relationship with their Proactive MD provider. As a result, Proactive MD is achieving best-in-class results for the company:

Results per 1,000 employees compared to national commercial benchmark:

ER visits: 21% lower
Urgent care visits: 64% lower
Total office visits: 17% lower
MRI scans: 15% lower
CT scans: 61% lower
Outpatient surgeries: 42% lower
Inpatient days: 25% lower
Total admissions: 10% lower

And this is just the beginning.

These results are not unusual. Proactive MD is elevating the standard of primary care, impacting employees’ and employers’ full experience with the healthcare system.

Our standard model includes onsite Patient Advocates, second opinion and complex diagnosis management, network negotiation services, and strong physician/patient relationships.

We are going beyond the traditional boundaries of primary care to reduce the costs and improve the outcomes of every interaction employees have with the healthcare system.

Go Beyond Onsite Healthcare. Get Care Beyond the Walls™ with Proactive MD.

1 Not including visits to the Proactive MD Health & Wellness Center