Our Outcomes

Guarantees that Matter

Our guarantees impact and improve patient health and rising healthcare costs.

Some onsite clinic vendors play games with their guarantee language. For example, a vendor may put the responsibility for patient outreach back on the client and then reduce their ROI guarantee if engagement is low. Or, they may offer a patient engagement guarantee and then count administering a flu shot as an engaged patient.

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Our Outcomes

Improving Patient Health. Bending the Curve of Healthcare Costs.

We measure all of our guarantees fairly and transparently. We assume the responsibility for patient engagement, providing comprehensive Patient Advocacy services to support and engage individual patients according to their healthcare needs. 

Our 4 Guarantees:



Our industry-leading ROI guarantee is simple. Rather than trying to inflate your ROI by including hypothetical fees saved, volume metrics, soft benefits like productivity gains, and trying to calculate what you would have spent, we measure your investment against your savings. Unlike most of our competitors, Proactive MD is solely focused on actually reducing your total cost of healthcare. What did you invest in healthcare with Proactive MD and what did you save? Bottom line: That’s the only question that matters.

The Proactive MD Difference:

  • Simple ROI calculation based on the total cost of healthcare
  • ROI performance guarantee not tied to patient engagement

Patient Engagement

A single visit or a mass health event is not the only way we measure patient engagement. Instead, we’ve created a risk stratification model that evaluates patient health and determines how many interactions individual patients need in order to achieve their health goals. We also provide all of the tools and resources needed to drive patient engagement, staffing our clinical team with a Patient Advocate who reaches out to patients and supports them in their healthcare journey.

The Proactive MD Difference:

  • Use a risk stratification model to determine the appropriate number of interactions for each patient
  • Measure engagement based on specific, individual interactions rather than large health events or clinic drives
  • Take full responsibility for patient engagement, never placing that burden back on the client

Chronic Condition Management

Unmanaged and under-managed chronic diseases reduce quality of life for patients and dramatically affect your healthcare costs. That’s why we take the time required upfront to learn the chronic care needs of your patient population. Because of our comprehensive services and our focus on true patient engagement, we can guarantee that patients enrolled in our chronic condition management program will show health improvements. We also extend our care beyond the clinic walls by providing patients with complex and chronic diagnoses access to the nation’s only Smart Care Centers and leading second opinion network.

The Proactive MD Difference:

  • Comprehensive, connected chronic condition management that gets results, guaranteed
  • Ongoing Patient Advocacy services
  • Access to Smart Care Centers to help patients manage complex medical needs

Service Delivery

Proactive MD has a heart for service, which is why we never overburden our Director of Client Service Delivery with an unreasonable number of clients. Many of our competitors average 20 accounts or more per account manager, which is far too many clients to serve effectively. Our Director of Client Service Delivery-to-client ratio is much lower, so we guarantee that you get the quality of service, account management, and reporting that we’ve promised.

The Proactive MD Difference:

  • A much lower ratio between to Director of Client Service Delivery and clients
  • Guaranteed response times and quality-of-service

Get Results that Matter

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