Direct Primary Care Health & Wellness Centers

A total health solution with universal benefits

These aren’t just lightweight clinics or urgent care centers. They are fully functioning medical offices that feature physician-led care model, easily accessible care, concierge-level service, pharmaceutical distribution, and onsite labs.

Managing patient healthcare this way reduces the need for crisis intervention and keeps your team productive and satisfied.

All services listed below are included in a Proactive MD Health & Wellness Center.

Physician-Led Care Model

Meet your company’s new chief medical officer

We’re changing the experience of visiting your doctor—for the better—by putting patient care first. Patients receive concierge-level service and an unparalleled continuity of care. That patient accountability leads to tighter care coordination, better continuity of care, and better outcomes. Plus, we work closely with you to analyze your data, monitor claims and optimize the performance of your plan for your organization.

Disease & Risk Management

Our clinical experts educate and manage your employees

Managing a chronic or long-term disease requires education, a clear pathway to health, and a constant working relationship with a physician that cares. Our platform is designed to optimize all three. And the convenience of onsite visits helps employee stick to the plan.

Health Assessments

Understanding and education start with a baseline

Individual health screenings are a critical part of our platform. But data by itself is meaningless. Our ultimate mission is to help set goals, provide motivation, and drive real meaningful changes that improve lives.

Robust Data Tracking

Real time data that’s really valuable

We deliver detailed yet anonymized data about every single aspect of your clinic and how it’s affecting your bottom line. Monthly data reports, clinical and claims tracking and aggregation, and ROI reporting give you real-time visibility and actionable insights.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Fun, engaging, and friendly

Wellness is a way of life, a state of mind. We design wellness programs tailored to your organization that engages employees, their co-workers, and their family members, incentivizing the improvements that benefit everyone. And we give you the tools to analyze the data so you can see which programs and incentives are working best.

Urgent Care

A better version of the emergency room

By giving employees access to near-site clinics, they can skip the long lines and get the care when they need it for themselves and their family. And we’re also adding cutting-edge technologies like secure 24/7 telemedicine. It all adds up to better care and better outcomes.

Occupational Medicine

Make sure your workforce is ready to work

If things like pre-employment physicals are an important part of your organization (e.g. fire departments, police departments and transportation services), onsite health & wellness centers are an ideal solution. They save employers and employees time and money, can offer flexible scheduling, and can be tailored to your organization’s needs.