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The Power of Patient Advocacy

Serving Patients. Simplifying the System.

Healthcare providers understand the frustration of making a recommendation in the office and wondering if their patients ever follow up—just like you understand the feeling of discouragement when life circumstances keep you from making the best choices for your health.

Proactive MD has a solution. Our dedicated Patient Advocate serves as the link between the providers who work at our onsite Health & Wellness Centers and the real world, where their patients are often faced with complicated decisions concerning their health and overwhelming obstacles to receiving care. Do you get the surgery you need or pay your mortgage? Is your social network able to support you as you recover? What benefits are you and your family entitled to?

Your Patient Advocate is there specifically for you, to take you by the hand, offer guidance and support, intervene on your behalf, and make sure you get the care you need.


Care Without Compromise™

Patient Advocacy Services

Your dedicated Patient Advocate can offer guidance, help you navigate the system, and get the care and support you need.

Our Patient Advocacy Services include:


Patient Outreach & Engagement

Patient Advocates sponsor wellness initiatives and health programs, meet patients for lunch or coffee to discuss health concerns, set up company-wide workshops and educational seminars, or email and call to check-in. Your Patient Advocate will reach out to you and meet you where you are on your healthcare journey.

Benefits Concierge & Resource Navigation

This is perhaps the most powerful service our Patient Advocates provide. Your Patient Advocate will help you navigate the healthcare system, connect you to providers who offer the best care, and help you understand your benefits and the resources available to you and your family.

Medical Social Services

Our Patient Advocates usually have a background in social work, and they understand how deeply social and financial circumstances can affect your overall health and wellbeing. Your Patient Advocate can connect you to effective community programs, help you find additional resources, and decrease your social and financial stress so your health can improve.

Home & Site Visits

Patient Advocates regularly visit their patients at home, in the hospital, or at rehab facilities to provide encouragement, set follow-up appointments, and answer questions about next steps. They also coordinate with other providers to make sure their patients have everything they need. Your Patient Advocate may conduct a home safety evaluation, working directly with you and your discharge manager to provide home medical supplies to support your recovery.

Behavioral & Mental Health Support

Patient Advocates are there to be a listening ear. You can talk to your Patient Advocate about anything that’s weighing you down, tripping you up, or stressing you out. Family dynamics, financial concerns, work issues, bad habits, daily challenges—our clinical team is completely separate from your employer and will never share your confidential information with anyone. We can also make qualified referrals for patients who have clinical depression, severe anxiety, or other behavioral or mental health conditions.

Chronic Condition Management & Referrals

Patient Advocates are more than care coordinators. If you have a chronic condition, they reach out after your Onsite Health & Wellness Center visit to encourage you in your care plan, give you a more holistic understanding, and help you manage your condition. When you need outside services, they make referrals to specialists who provide the best care, including the nation’s only network of Smart Care Centers. They also follow-up with you personally and find resources to help you recover.


Proactive MD Patient Advocacy

A guide in your health journey

Your dedicated Patient Advocate may perform many additional roles—advocacy is as unique and varied as the patients we serve. Patient Advocates answer your questions, make a complex system more understandable, and provide a dedicated partner for your healthcare journey.

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