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Common Patient FAQs

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Common Patient FAQs


What is Proactive MD?

Proactive MD is a primary care provider dedicated to improving the patient experience, creating better outcomes, and driving down healthcare costs for everyone. We are out to change the healthcare industry for good. We’re transforming healthcare by providing patient-focused services at our onsite Health & Wellness Centers. We offer primary care services onsite, assist you with specialist care, help you understand your benefits, ensure you receive the care you need, and more.

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How is Proactive MD different from other healthcare providers?

Proactive MD is more than an onsite clinic. We care for our patients beyond the clinic walls. In our Health & Wellness Centers, Proactive MD puts the doctor-patient relationship at the heart of everything we do, creating a better experience for you. Our healthcare providers look you in the eye, take you by the hand, and spend the time it takes to get to know you and your health concerns. That means that we listen, we talk to you about your family and your finances—we find out what’s standing between you and the care you need and we remove those obstacles for you. Our services are also less costly, more comprehensive, and more convenient. Beyond the clinic walls, we provide a dedicated Patient Advocate to guide you through the complicated healthcare system. We even connect you with better, more affordable specialty care, taking responsibility for you and your health across the entire spectrum of care.

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Do I have to use the Proactive MD Health & Wellness Center?

The Proactive MD Health & Wellness Center is a benefit provided by your employer; using our centers is completely voluntary. It’s your choice. However, we encourage you to stop by and meet our team. We allow you to spend more time with your doctor. You’ll spend limited to no time in the waiting room, enjoy low to no cost visits, and experience thorough, compassionate care. Plus, you can’t beat the convenient location.


Who has access to my personal health records? Does Proactive MD share my medical information with my employer?

Our services are a benefit provided by your employer, but Proactive MD is a separate organization that runs the Health & Wellness Center and hires and manages the clinical team. Only you and medical providers who you authorize will ever be able to access your health records. Proactive MD keeps all personal health information confidential and uses a secure platform to protect our patients’ data. While we operate employer-sponsored Health & Wellness Centers, Proactive MD is a completely separate, HIPAA-compliant healthcare provider. That means we never share confidential information with your employer or anyone else.

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What types of services can I receive at Proactive MD Health & Wellness Centers?

Our board-certified MDs, NPs, and other clinical team members practice broad-scope primary care. That means that you can come see us for a routine annual check-up, vaccines and flu shots, urgent care services such as stitches and strep tests, and help with chronic conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. We can also help patients achieve long-term health through wellness programs and even schedule specialists appointments and services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies.

What is a Patient Advocate?

We believe that the healthcare system has become too complex, which makes many patients feel hopeless and discourages them from seeking the care they need. This is unacceptable to us. We provide each of our locations with a dedicated Patient Advocate to help solve this problem. Your Patient Advocate makes it easier to get the care you need by helping you understand what your benefits are, negotiate prices, receive specialist care, and much more. Your Patient Advocate is there with you through your entire healthcare journey.

Will I still be able to see other providers if I need to?

Absolutely! In fact, your dedicated Patient Advocate and your clinical team will guide you and help you navigate the healthcare system when you need specialty care. We offer a complex care management program, help you get a second opinion if desired, and maintain partnerships with specialists and other providers so that we can help you access the care you need and negotiate more affordable rates on your behalf.


Who is eligible to use Proactive MD Health & Wellness Centers?

Eligibility will vary by location and may depend on your organization’s benefits plan. Your dedicated Patient Advocate can help you understand everything that you and your family are eligible for and ensure that you are properly enrolled.

Can I make an appointment for my spouse or child at my onsite Health & Wellness Center?

Some organizations include benefits for spouses and dependent children ages 2 and up. If your employer benefits plan includes family coverage, then you can schedule appointments for your included family members the same way you would schedule an appointment for your own care. Contact your Patient Advocate if you have any appointment questions or would like to review your benefits with someone.


How much does it cost to see my physician at an onsite Health & Wellness Center?

There are little to no costs to see your physician and receive services onsite, such as lab work, physicals, routine visits, urgent care visits, vaccinations/immunizations or filling prescriptions. Your final out-of-pocket costs will vary depending on your location and the services that you need. Typically, the cost for primary care services at our facilities are much lower than what you’d pay if you sought the same services in the healthcare community.


How do I schedule an appointment at the Health & Wellness Center?

We make it easy to get an appointment—by phone, online, through our mobile app, or in-person. Existing patients can request appointments online through Proactive MD’s Patient Portal or through the mobile app. New patients must call or visit the Health & Wellness Center in person to schedule their first appointment; they will receive a login for the Patient Portal after the first visit. Same-day or next-day appointments are typically available and you can always call the Health Center to ask about appointment availability. Patients will receive an appointment reminder via text, email, or phone call two days in advance of their appointment.

Do Proactive MD Health & Wellness Centers accept same-day or next-day appointments?

Absolutely! Same-day and next-day appointments are often available, we encourage you to call ahead to ensure that we can accommodate you in the best way possible. Generally speaking, our more relaxed, patient-friendly clinical model allows for either same-day or next-day appointments.