At Proactive MD, we recognize that health is more than just temperatures and test results. We never want a patient to fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. Health affects your relationships, your work, your hobbies, your finances, and your perspective. Every patient story – helping people get back to what they love – drives what we do. 

“Work, Family, and Fun”

A Proactive MD patient lives life with family

Mr. James Bennett is a patient in our Terre Haute Health Center. A US Army Veteran, he’s worked for 30 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections, serving as a warden, running multiple programs, and training new corrections officers. When he’s not at work, he’s tending to his family’s 200-acre farm, in addition to leading troops through archery and shooting education or camping trips as a scoutmaster. When you ask him, he’ll proudly tell you he’s been married 20 years and has five children. 

Last year, Mr. Bennett was taking his daughter to her appointment at a Proactive MD Health Center, when PA Ken Massey noticed he seemed a bit off. Mr. Massey asked how his health was, and Mr. Bennett explained that he worked for the Department of Corrections, where there had been a lung virus making the rounds. As it turned out, the lung virus was masking a deeper issue: a heart attack. Mr. Massey suspected this and hooked Mr. Bennett to the EKG. Upon seeing several irregularities, he sent Mr. Bennett to the Emergency Room. 

“Proactive MD Saved My Life”

Mr. Bennett arrived at the ER. The physicians informed him that five arteries were 90-98% clogged, and he would need a quadruple bi-pass surgery. He received the surgery and the specialists who treated him say that because of Dr. Massey’s quick analysis, “Mr. Bennett is ahead of the curve on recovery.” He will be able to return to work and to his hobbies over the next few months: “I live a very active life,” Mr. Bennet says, “and that’s why I praise your company. I am able to keep doing that.” 

But more than that, Mr. Bennett is able to continue being with his family: “Proactive MD saved my life.” He adds he has returned to Proactive MD for post-op care saying, “Your clinic makes it easy to get seen… They try to get us in the same day, and that’s what I love about your company.” He remains grateful for Mr. Massey: “Every time I go in there, Ken has always got a smile on his face.” 

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