For patients struggling with type 1 diabetes, management of care can be a costly, difficult, and life-long journey. Jeffrey McCoy’s experience is no exception. Jeffrey has dedicated his career to the needs of others as a special education teacher at Park Heritage Middle School in Marshall, IN. But when it came to finding the right resources for his own care he struggled, often feeling lost and hopeless, until he discovered Proactive MD.

Diagnosed at a young age with type 1 diabetes, Jeffrey has worked hard to achieve some semblance of lifestyle and medication management of his A1C. His determination and selfless care for others was proof that better, more compassionate care was out there–he just needed to find it. Today Jeffrey credits the devoted care team at Proactive MD for helping him navigate the road to better health.

Jeffrey first came to the Montezuma Health Center seeking a prescription renewal for his prosthetic supplies. Upon his early visits, Natasha Morgan, NP with the Health Center quickly realized access to insulin was a huge roadblock, and he was in serious need of treatment, resources, and a team who cared.

Natasha proceeded to meet with Jeffrey for two hours to help find a savings card for insulin and adjustments to his medication management to get him back on track.

“My care with Natasha has been life altering,” states McCoy. “Natasha spent significant time researching affordable insulin; that has been a game changer.”

Four years ago, Jeffrey lost both of his legs in his battle with diabetes. Through the partnership of Proactive MD and Wabash Valley West Central Indiana (WVWCI) School Trust, Jeffrey can access the Health Center any time for labs, medications, and treatment at no extra cost out of pocket and no bill post visit.

“The care team is dependable, trustworthy, and always compassionate toward my situation,” explains Jeffrey. “Diabetes can be a hard course to manage, but I’m grateful to have one location for labs, medications, and routine visits with my provider for free.”

Thanks to the dedicated team at the Montezuma Health Center, Jeffrey is maintaining his medications, insulin, and for the first time feels in control of his wellness journey.