In recent years, managing ever-increasing healthcare costs has become the top priority for many employers across the nation. Savvy benefits managers and employers deploy countless cost-control strategies to help reign in spiraling costs, including rolling out incentive programs, incorporating spousal coverage exclusions, and adopting high-deductible health plans, to name a few. Leadership teams constantly walk a fine line between offering enticing benefits to employees and keeping healthcare costs under control—where one is almost always neglected for another. Looking for a happy medium, a large school district found a way to offer an amazing employee benefit by partnering with Proactive MD to offer Advanced Primary Care services to their employees and dependents via a dedicated employer-sponsored Health Center.

After three years of successful Health Center operation, Proactive MD reported significant healthcare cost savings for school district members engaged in the Health Center with the average PMPM decreasing year over year. Zeroing in on a recent annual look-back, the cost-savings trend continued with overall PMPY savings sitting at approximately $1,000 across members regardless of engagement category. In focusing on high-risk members and chronic conditions, cost-savings was significantly impacted with over $7,600 in reported PMPY savings among engaged members. In examining targeted chronic conditions, the claims impact pattern held true across the board for hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and hypertension.

By partnering with Proactive MD, this employer enjoyed a true win-win situation by positively impacting their healthcare costs without cutting their benefits package. Moreover, with Proactive MD’s Advanced Primary Care model, members experienced better health outcomes, improved prescription management and adherence, fewer emergency room and urgent care visits, and lower overall referral rates. Proactive MD is extremely proud of the amazing impact our services have on patients and employers alike, and we’re on a mission to help employers throughout the nation provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare without cutting corners.

Make choosing between cost-savings and high-quality healthcare a thing of the past. Reach out to Proactive MD today.