Proactive MD


We perform health risk assessments, annual physicals, and vaccinations onsite to help you prevent disease, increase your overall wellbeing, and lead a healthier life. All of our preventive services are offered and little to no cost to patients.

Our Services


Our Services

Annual Physicals

An annual physical is essential to a comprehensive wellness plan. We spend the time it takes to understand your health concerns and tailor our physicals to your needs so that you get the most out of your annual visit.

Annual Flu Shots

Our onsite Health & Wellness Centers offer free annual flu shots. You can’t control your chances of exposure to influenza and no other method of prevention is as effective—it’s a quick, convenient preventive measure that can greatly increase your wellbeing each flu season.


Vaccinations are essential to prevention of many life-threatening illnesses during all phases of life. Whether you are traveling abroad, are pregnant, or are more susceptible to illness due to your occupation or a chronic condition, Proactive MD can assist with all your immunization needs.

Proactive Health Review

Our annual Proactive Health Review offers more than a Health Risk Assessment (or HRA) and more than a biometric screening. Our providers analyze your overall health and risk factors and then partner with you to create a strategic plan that addresses and decreases those risk factors while setting individualized health and wellness goals.

Wellness Visits

Get a focused and tailored preventive plan with an annual wellness visit. These visits differ from an annual physical in that their primary focus is preventive care and health screenings. Our clinical team will listen to your wellness goals and help you create a long-term plan to meet them.

Women’s Health & Mammograms

A regular, thorough assessment by a trusted healthcare professional is the best way to detect early signs of breast cancer and other critical women’s health issues. We perform annual physicals onsite and help you schedule diagnostic tests, such as mammograms, with a preferred provider.

Cancer Screenings (as indicated by age & family history)

If your age or family history indicate high risk for certain types of cancer, we may recommend regular screenings for lung, colorectal, or cervical cancers, even before the first symptoms start to show. Early detection saves lives and improves quality of life.

Lifestyle Modification (based on risk factors)

Lifestyle modification can support prevention and management of many chronic issues such as hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes. We provide the support you need to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes—and then help you stay accountable for the wellness goals you set with your primary care provider.

Health and Wellness Programs

After setting health goals with your primary care provider, our health and wellness programs provide ongoing support and motivation as well as offering a practical, convenient way to track your journey.