Proactive IQ

Convenience, accessibility and communication are key to high-quality care. At Proactive MD, we are always looking for ways to better serve and engage our patient population. We feel that optimizing the latest and greatest in healthcare technology helps us better care for our patients and ensures a better experience with the highest outcomes.

Our technology platform is called Proactive IQ. We have taken our own internal technology and partnered with leading industry experts to bring our patients the highest level technology available.

Proactive IQ is a proprietary software that we are developing that allows us to better leverage clinical data to serve our members.

Proactive IQ enables us to track claims and activity in real time to provide up-to-date data that we use to develop customized solutions for our members.

We use Proactive IQ to help members understand their disease conditions and the costs associated with the disease, and then we utilize it to assist them in creating a structured plan to make them healthier, more effective healthcare consumers.