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GREENVILLE, S.C. May 3, 2019 – Proactive MD, a Greenville-based company that partners with employers to provide primary care services to employees, has been named title sponsor of the 28th Annual Greater Mauldin Chamber Golf Tournament, scheduled for May 6, 2019, at the Holly Tree Country Club. The sponsorship will support the mission of the Mauldin Chamber and its programs through a golf tournament and a silent auction and serves as a visible reminder of the values that Proactive MD holds for the community it calls home.

“Being a part of the community is at the core of who Proactive MD is,” said John Collier, founder of Proactive MD. “We are excited to be a part of the Mauldin Chamber—especially since our headquarters are just off Butler Road in Mauldin, as well as our new near-site facility that will open this Fall. It is a great way for us to truly reach and care for the people in our own backyard.”

Proactive MD partners with companies to provide their people with employer-sponsored onsite and shared-site Health & Wellness Centers, decreasing costs and making their healthcare benefits more efficient. The company also guides both the employer and their patients through the entire continuum of care, finding better ways to provide healthcare at every point. Their newest location, a shared-site facility, is the first of its kind to offer care to employees of partner businesses, and will open Fall of 2019.

“Having a company like Proactive MD on the Greater Mauldin Chamber team is a great way for them to show their commitment to their community,” said Pat Pomeroy, President of the Greater Mauldin Chamber. “We have held this tournament for 28 years, and every year it just continues to grow. We are thrilled to see more companies give back to their community.”

About Proactive MD

Proactive MD partners with employers to provide employer-sponsored, onsite Health & Wellness Centers staffed with board-certified MDs or DOs and a dedicated Patient Advocate. The Proactive MD model puts the physician-patient relationship back where it’s meant to be: At the heart of medicine. Giving physicians more time to get to know their patients, and supporting patients as they become better consumers of health, creates a profoundly meaningful relationship with the entire care team. We call it Care Without Compromise™. For employers, the Proactive MD model reduces the high cost of healthcare and allows them to invest in the wellbeing of their team more efficiently and effectively.

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