Partnership enables Proactive MD to help Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce to increase access to world-class care for small businesses.

Bloomington, IN.— (Feb. 20, 2020) — Proactive MD and the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce announced a partnership today that offers a total health care and population health management solution to Chamber members that dramatically improves health outcomes and decreases risk. As a leading provider of advanced primary care, Proactive MD partners with employers and employees to deliver personalized primary care and ancillary services at on-site and near-site health and wellness centers. Coupled with patient advocacy and coordination of Care Beyond the Walls™, Proactive MD elevates the standard of care while flattening the rising health care cost curve.

“We are honored to partner with the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, an innovative organization that shares our passion for community,” said John Collier, Proactive MD’s CEO and founder. “Everyday, we hear stories about patients who are not receiving care, slipping through the cracks of the system. We have a heart for small businesses that want to offer a total healthcare solution to their valued employees. Proactive MD is absolutely committed to providing Bloomington Chamber members with the same high standard of care we would expect for our own family members.”

“Success is one of the best references,” says Erin Predmore, CEO of the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. “Proactive MD is already in our community, providing world-class care for one of our school districts. We wanted to expand access to small businesses in our region.”

Proactive MD’s proprietary Advanced Primary Care model offers a full-service risk management solution that drives down the total cost of care. Proactive MD health centers offer chronic condition management, preventive care, acute care, behavioral health, patient advocacy, wellness, pharmacy, diagnostic testing and more. In addition to maximizing the services available on-site, Proactive MD also addresses cost and outcomes for high-cost claimants, negotiates preferred rates for specialty care and assumes responsibility for patients through the full care continuum. This dual focus on care within and beyond the walls of the health center creates a total health care solution for employers and employees.

“We know that medical benefit costs can be hard on our employers, and many have historically been unable to offer these to their employees. As a Chamber, we want to be responsive to our members and their needs. By engaging with Proactive MD, we are empowering our employer community to provide high-quality health care benefits, which enables them to be more competitive when recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent.” Predmore continued. “Our tag line is “Better Business, Better Community,” and we know that when we can take care of ourselves and our families, our community flourishes.”

Bloomington is a diverse regional economic center anchored by Indiana University and home to a diverse business community. The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce currently serves 900 companies throughout the region. The organization provides membership engagement, business advocacy, and civic partnerships to strengthen the community and business environment.

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About Proactive MD
Proactive MD provides a total health care and population health management solution for employers by partnering with them to offer advanced primary care health and wellness centers for employees. The Proactive MD model is designed to elevate the standard of primary care, going above and beyond the typical boundaries of health care to meet each employee’s unique mental, emotional, social and physical needs. Proactive MD’s care model is built on the foundation of strong physician-patient relationships and on-site patient advocates, empowered by advanced population health insights, who personally guide and advise employees through the full health care system. Coupled with reduced-rate access to the nation’s leading specialists for complex and catastrophic diagnoses, the Proactive MD model removes obstacles to care, reduces risk and dramatically improves the quality of care for employees while simultaneously lowering health care costs for employers.

About the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit membership organization serving as our community’s leading advocate for business. The Chamber offers unique leadership opportunities, meaningful volunteer activities, and exclusive business-building programs focused on critical economic, civic, and social priorities. Chamber members support each other and community initiatives, sharing information and resources to help create economic opportunity and community well-being. At the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, we believe that better business leads to a better community.