Like countless other employers, a manufacturing group in the southeast was battling the rising cost of care. With many of their claims related to chronic conditions, surgeries, and ER utilization, it would be easy to believe the long-term solution must be equally specialized, complex, and costly. However, partnership with Proactive MD proved that significant savings start with prioritizing primary care.

After two years of enhancing accessibility, personalization, and affordability of high-quality care for employees and navigating community care on their behalf, Proactive MD’s Advanced Primary Care model significantly impacted the employer’s bottom line.

In two years of clinic operation, the employer experienced:

  • $8 PMPM decrease in ER spend
  • 30% decrease in primary care spend
  • $180K decrease in outpatient surgery spend


Our aim was to prove through peer-reviewed validation that Proactive MD’s model of Advanced Primary Care lowers PMPM costs for engaged members. A secondary goal was to determine the areas where Advanced Primary Care has the greatest financial impact.


Our analysis centered on two groups of matched patients: a group that received only community care, and a group that received Proactive MD onsite primary care. We performed an in-depth analysis on the utilization and cost metrics associated with Emergency Room visitation, outpatient surgery, and primary care for these groups.

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