Reading Between the Data

Generally, organizations greet low healthcare costs warmly and enthusiastically. After all, as the financial burden of healthcare increasingly shifts to employers, any reduction in overall healthcare spend can be difficult to analyze critically. At Proactive MD, we are intentionally and fiercely data driven. This approach allows us to read between seemingly positive results, such as record-low healthcare spend, and uncover what others might miss—a problem to be solved.

A Unique Problem

In 2019, we partnered with a large food manufacturer to provide their employees access to a Proactive MD Health Center. While reviewing historical medical claims and healthcare costs, we noted low healthcare expenses that pointed to a core issue—high turnover. Due to this employer’s low retention rate, employees rarely filed a claim or had a healthcare encounter before dropping off the health plan altogether, resulting in misleading low healthcare expenses.

A Unique Solution

Faced with the knowledge that cost savings was unlikely for this employer, we immediately began solving for the underlying issue of high turnover. Using the Health Center, we partnered with the employer to engage patients in care and increase Health Center utilization.

Retention Rates


After two years in operation, this employer saw a significant improvement in their retention efforts from employees engaged with the Proactive MD Health Center, reporting an 80% retention rate for engaged employees versus a 25% retention rate for unengaged employees. 

Partnering With Employers

At Proactive MD, we partner with employers to provide customized healthcare solutions that address their unique needs. As evidenced, the best solution isn’t always centered around cost savings, rather it’s focused on deploying strategies for employers that address critical issues. We are proud to provide impactful and meaningful care support for employees and employers alike and look forward to collaborating with organizations across the country, now and in the future.