As a trusted healthcare partner, Proactive MD is advising organizations we serve on the latest developments as businesses reopen across our country. We are additionally making recommendations for employers to consider for keeping employees safe and restoring confidence in the workplace. While federal and state guidelines are continuously emerging and changing, here is an important summary of new guidance recently released by OSHA:

  • Beginning immediately, all employers must investigate whether any positive COVID-19 cases may have been developed at the workplace. This is a reversal from previous guidance and is now applicable to most employers with more than 10 employees.
  • Employers must now conduct a mini-investigation for all newly positive COVID-19 cases, which should follow these interview guidelines: Asking the employee limited questions about how they believe COVID-19 was contracted
    • Making inquiries about the employee’s work and non-work activities, and possible exposure, leading to diagnosis
    • Investigating the employee’s work environment to determine whether COVID-19 exposure was possible. This might include considering whether other employees in the work area have tested positive, the employee’s job duties and exposure to the public, and whether the work areas are crowded and do not facilitate social distancing.
  • If the positive case is determined to be work-related based on these criteria, the employer must record it on the OSHA 300 log so that it is accurately reported.

As our communities re-open, we are committed to providing a responsible program that will protect both your financial investment and your employees’ health. No singular solution will be effective for every employer, and before implementing popular standalone offerings like temperature checks or testing, we want to be sure these services will truly serve you by keeping your employees healthy and your business thriving.

That’s why the foundation of our Proactive MD Re-entry Program is a comprehensive Site Assessment designed to provide you with the data-based medical, contractual, legal, and operational insight you need to determine the best path forward for your organization. By physically or virtually assessing factors like your worksite and environment, population health, industry distinctions, and operational requirements, we can identify the best ways to implement the proven infection control measures. Learn more here.