Do you have a relationship with your primary care physician? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. According to a Statista study, 9 out 10 Americans spent less than 24 minutes with their doctor throughout 2018. That’s 24 minutes for physicals, sick visits, prescription assessments, and more.

Fewer and fewer people have relationships with their primary care physician. During the COVID-19 outbreak, this disconnection has created serious problems for those who contracted illness, are managing a chronic condition, or are struggling with mental health.

Primary care historically was the center of the health care neighborhood, but it’s no longer the “go to” for a majority of the population. The result? A disruption in the continuity of care, and an increase in the number of people who “bounce around health care” to places such as minute clinics, urgent cares, and emergency rooms. This breakdown  in continuous care is resulting in skyrocketing healthcare costs for employers and patients. 

Attempting to curb this issue, employers are getting creative about funneling people to the absolute best healthcare. But this approach has its drawbacks, as it can take some patients far from home, and leave others without access due to transportation or cost. 

Proactive MD is addressing both of these issues emphasizing on-site/near-site primary care. Proactive MD prioritizes each person by providing access to providers, patient advocates, and the Edison Network—creating an environment where the patient can truly form a relationship with their doctor and care team. Employees can easily access care regularly without having to worry about copays, allowing for consistent management of chronic conditions.

We believe in providing the kind of care we want for our own families, care that extends beyond clinic walls. Our care team fights for their patients’ “whole person” wellbeing, assisting with access to prescriptions, medical supplies, food, financial assistance, mental health programs and workforce navigation.  

Proactive MD simultaneously deploys proprietary analytics to identify the best strategies for improving your employee population’s health. This produces the most accurate data points on the overall health of the population, simultaneously providing precise estimates for cutting costs, in addition to promoting optimal health outcomes for individual employees.

And the numbers back this up. Proactive MD goes beyond onsite healthcare and brings together all pieces of the healthcare system, making them more accessible and understandable for patients and more effective and affordable for employers. Proactive MD’s service-oriented culture produces a model that delivers results: a two-year study found that members who engaged with a Proactive MD Health Center, actually cost $42 less PMPM than they had at baseline, two years earlier. Meanwhile, those that did not become engaged ended up costing $129 more than they had at baseline.

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