Recognizing health care leaders and innovative vendors across the country, the award distinguishes Proactive MD as the provider to delivering the most value to patients

Proactive MD, a leader in advanced primary care, announced the company was awarded a Health Value Award by Validation Institute during a virtual awards ceremony. The award distinguishes Proactive MD as the provider delivering the most value to patients.

Now in its third year, the Health Value Awards recognize outstanding services, products and programs across 30-plus categories spanning the health care industry, with the goal of showcasing health care organizations and programs that demonstrate measurably better and more transparent health outcomes, costs and safety than conventional care. Honored in the peer-reviewed Primary Care category, Proactive MD completed a lengthy and rigorous application process and in-depth evaluation to ensure the accuracy of performance claims. This is the second time since the turn of the new year that the Validation Institute has recognized Proactive MD.

“Now, more than ever, we are seeing the importance and strength and dedication of health care workers in our country. While we were unable to celebrate our finalists in person, we feel it was important to host this event virtually, celebrate these leaders and all they do for the industry,” said RD Whitney, CEO of  the Validation Institute, an independent, objective, third-party organization focused on changing health care.

By prioritizing the doctor-patient relationship, removing obstacles to care and reducing costs, Proactive MD passionately partners with clients and their employers to help people live healthier lives. Through the combination of a personalized patient-provider relationship, patient advocacy, chronic disease management and proprietary health analytics, Proactive MD’s Care Beyond the Walls™ model provides broad-scope advanced primary care that extends beyond the typical boundaries of primary care and into patients’ daily lives.

“It is an incredible honor to have this award bestowed upon us. The recognition shows our dedication to delivering care without compromise,” said John Collier, CEO and founder of Proactive MD. “Many families struggle to cope with rising medical costs—but cost should never be a barrier to quality care. Our model makes compassionate, comprehensive healthcare accessible and affordable. By keeping our patients at the center of every business decision, we are finding better ways to provide health, care, and value at every point.”

For more information about Proactive MD’s total health care and population health management solution, please visit https://proactive-md.com.

About Proactive MD

Patients and employers benefit from Proactive MD’s total health care and population health management solution, which offers advanced primary care health and on-site wellness centers at member companies. By elevating the standard of primary care and going above and beyond the typical boundaries of health care, Proactive MD meets each employee’s unique mental, emotional, social and physical needs. Proactive MD’s care model is built on the foundation of strong physician-patient relationships and on-site patient advocates, empowered by advanced population health insights, who personally guide and advise employees through the full health care system. Coupled with reduced-rate access to the nation’s leading specialists for complex and catastrophic diagnoses, the Proactive MD model removes obstacles to care, reduces risk and dramatically improves the quality of care for employees while simultaneously lowering health care costs for employers. For more information, please visit https://proactive-md.com.

About the Validation Institute

Validation Institute is a membership organization made up of a network of health care vendors, health benefits advisors and purchaser benefit managers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional health care. www.validationinstitute.com