The next generation in workplace healthcare

We put your employees' health first because amazing care yields amazing results


We provide employers visibility into their healthcare expenses to

Keep healthcare costs in check

You can see improvements to your bottom line; we’ll show you the data.

Increase employee loyalty

Our program decreases turnover starting day one.

Improve the workplace environment

Employees appreciate convenient, full-service healthcare that they are encouraged to use.

Boost productivity

Not only are onsite health & wellness centers convenient, they also result in fewer sick days.

Give you a plan

We provide a full-service health & wellness partnership.

Save money

Our data analysis and recommendation engine lead to changes that benefit the employee and the bottom line.


Every employee counts

Onsite Health & Wellness Centers

Excellent healthcare is now just down the hall.

Streamlined visits

No more driving across town to long lines in the waiting room, and no more waiting on hold forever.

Hand-picked, patient-focused physicians

Our providers’ #1 priority is always supplying the best care. They treat you like family, and you’ll never be just a number to them.

Large network of clinics

Enjoy convenient locations for you and your family.

Personalized education and tools

When you’re empowered with knowledge, you become a better consumer of healthcare.


Our secure platform means nobody sees your personal data, even your employers. And our physicians are trained to protect that privacy with no exceptions.

Introducing the Proactive MD Resource Center.

A place for our patients to find exercise tips, healthy recipes, and proactive living techniques. An online resource for healthy learning.

Case Studies

We are dedicated to providing great results for all of our clients. Select a photo below to see the positive ways we’ve impacted our clients’ healthcare landscape.

Municipal Employer

Most municipalities in America are having trouble providing adequate, affordable healthcare for their employees.

Large Manufacturer

Proactive MD was brought in to help this employer cut down on their overall healthcare spending.