When you think of your home, you envision a place that has everything you need. At home you are safe, comfortable, and confident. Your home is filled with love, connections, and the people you can rely on. At Proactive MD, we are proud to be your healthcare home. With our broad scope services, our patients have everything they need for a successful healthcare journey. With state-of-the-art facilities, board-certified care team, expert treatment and care for up to 80% of all medical needs, and onsite medications and labs, patients will always have what they need and feel empowered to express those needs. We deliver high-quality care with compassion; patients can always count on us to be there when they are in need, and no need is too big or too small—it all matters to us. We believe that building relationships with patients is crucial to ensuring we are giving them the best care possible. When patients feel at home, healthcare is transformed.

 1. What is broad scope primary care?

At Proactive MD, we’re different than traditional primary care because we practice personalized, whole-person healthcare that keeps patients at the center of everything we do as we fight for their greatest good—and broad scope care allows us to do just that.

At our Health Centers, our dedicated care teams are equipped to handle up to 80% of our patients’ medical needs conveniently onsite. Broad scope care ensures that we can provide the compassionate, value-based care our patients deserve without feeling rushed or limited in our ability to deliver care. Our providers and care team build and nurture relationships with patients; they know their names, their stories, and their needs. Broad scope care is more than just high-quality, comprehensive services; it is how we build the foundation for trustworthy, excellent care that makes our patients feel at home. We foster a true healthcare home for our patients where their health needs are met, their voices are heard, and they feel empowered and supported.

 2. How does broad scope primary care benefit patients?

Our broad scope primary care services are comprehensive for a reason—we know healthcare is more than just temperatures and test results, and patients deserve the peace of mind to know that their health and well-being will be taken care of all in one place. We make accessing care easy and seamless for our patients so they can get healthier faster and stay healthier longer. Having access to broad scope services means patients won’t have to navigate multiple providers, won’t be shuffled around from appointment to appointment, and won’t feel the stress of dealing with healthcare alone. We get to know our patients on a personal level and make it our mission to see that they receive the best care possible, whether that takes place inside the walls of our Health Center or outside of those walls. We do this by navigating them to outside resources, staying in constant communication, and always welcoming them back to their healthcare home with guidance and support whenever they need it.

 3. How does practicing broad scope care benefit providers?

Our providers know that healthcare is one of the most personal, emotional things people go through, and whether it’s good or bad, everyone has a healthcare story. Working with such a sensitive aspect of a patient’s life is not something we take lightly, and we strive to deliver the same care we would want our loved ones to have. With broad scope primary care, providers are able to get to know their patients on an individual level and spend as much time as they need assessing their needs and providing a listening ear. They get to know their patients by name; they care about their latest hobbies, the sports their children play, their recent loss of a loved one, and their concerns about putting food on the table. When we say we care for the whole person, we mean it wholeheartedly. With expanded services through broad scope primary care, our providers can offer the mental, physical, emotional, and social support their patients need immediately, when they need it.

Broad scope care enables our providers to practice a higher standard of care. Their main objective is to fight for each individual patient’s greatest good, and they aren’t beholden to health systems or referral quotas. Our providers are only and always about the patient, and we know each patient feels that difference. With the support of their expert care team, our providers are empowered to give patients the best care of their lives because they have the comprehensive tools and resources they need.

 4. How does broad scope primary care differ from traditional fee-for-service models?

Broad scope primary care allows us to offer extensive services conveniently all under one roof. We do everything in our power to treat and care for our patients while they are in the walls of our Health Center. Providers should never have to sacrifice delivering high-quality, comprehensive care in order to meet the referral demands of healthcare systems, and at Proactive MD, they’ll never have to. When we put patients first, their health and well-being is our number one priority, and we can give them best-in-class care earnestly and unapologetically. The level of care our providers give removes the need for as many specialist visits because we meet our patients where they are and deliver a higher standard of care customized to treat their unique needs. When patients do need a referral to outside specialists, the care team stays in constant communication and makes sure patients understand what’s going on and help them feel comfortable in the process. We stay informed on their care, advocate on their behalf, and bring them back into our Health Center for continued support. The scope of services at our Health Centers takes the hassle out of healthcare, giving patients a seamless and stress-free experience.

 5. What are some of the services included in broad scope primary care?

We are passionate about preventive care in our Health Centers. It’s important for patients to get annual and specific health screenings to assess their health status, helping them stay on top of their health. We offer convenient onsite screenings and vaccinations so our patients don’t have to seek out preventive care from a multitude of different places—we believe accessing care should never be difficult. Our comprehensive preventive care services are the foundation for a healthier life, as we focus on reducing our patients’ risk of developing illnesses and diseases.

Our broad scope model allows us to support the treatment and management of chronic diseases. Whether patients have diabetes, hypertension, a thyroid disorder, or cardiovascular disease, we are well-equipped to provide them with the care they need to manage and treat chronic illnesses. We are a healthcare home for our patients, and that means supporting them through all their ongoing and chronic conditions.

We believe in supporting our patients through their entire healthcare journey, and with broad scope services, we are not limited in our ability to provide incredible care. We have medications and labs onsite in our Health Centers, and we care for everything from routine checkups to mental health services, diagnosis and treatment to care coordination—and everything in between.

Patients receive comprehensive, convenient care when they have access to broad scope services. At our Health Centers, we are only and always about our patients, and broad scope primary care allows patients to feel secure and confident in their care. Broad scope primary care fosters a compassionate, comforting environment where patients trust that their care team and provider are fully equipped to give them excellent care all within the walls of their healthcare home. Patients flourish when they have access to broad scope services; they live with the assurance that they will always come first at a Proactive MD Health Center.