At a Proactive MD Health Center in Spencer, Indiana, RN Linda St. John is hard at work to make sure the students she serves do not go hungry. Linda partners with local school leadership and has been working with the Backpack Buddies organization for four years. She keeps her Fridays free to organize volunteers, pack food, and ensure that there are enough bags for each student. 

Backpack Buddies sends home a bag of food each weekend to students who have been identified as food insecure (potentially without food). The team is currently packing over 200 bags a week to send home with students in grades K-12. Each bag contains entrees, drinks, cereals, fruit, pudding, snacks, and more. While the team normally engages students throughout the school year, they are continuing through the summer due to food access concerns related to COVID-19.

 “Having grown up homeless at times, and sometimes being that kid myself, this is a project dear to my heart,” says Linda. “I understand these kids and how they feel.”  

Linda’s true care for her patients and community is shining through in the midst of a difficult time, and we are proud to serve alongside her to help bring personal relationships and hope back to healthcare!  

Linda’s daughter pitches in!