1. Understand your healthcare data

Unlock and unleash all your data


Using healthcare data, Proactive MD can set up a health & wellness center tailored to you and the needs of your team. We start by doing an audit to understand your costs. And we continually monitor and analyze claims data, and more, to deliver significant outcomes.

2. Perform health assessments

Health starts with a baseline


Managing care and the cost of care begins with a deep dive into your employee health data. We identify the unique needs and challenges your employees face, implementing a clinical plan. Not only are long-term costs reduced and outcomes improved, but the plan can also help diagnose and prevent chronic illnesses.

3. Establish a health & wellness center

The perfect healthcare team in the most convenient place


We employ our years of experience to design the best healthcare experience, which means

  • The best medical staff committed to quality care
  • Easy in and out for patients
  • Optimized care that avoids inefficiencies
  • Reduced out-of-work time
  • Visibility into insurance claims, highlighting opportunities for improvement before they become problems

4. Engage your team

We engage your team with health & wellness incentives


When we design and implement onsite health & wellness centers, we also make sure that they get put to use. We track engagement data over time, and we implement communication systems and incentive programs to educate and encourage your employees to take advantage of all the new offerings at their disposal.

5. Results that work

The old way vs Direct Primary Care: no contest

Care baseline Typical fee for service model Proactive MD
Clinic engagement 47.6% 83%
Average service performed Episodic Care Disease & Risk Management, Episodic Care, Health & Wellness Coaching, Urgent Care, 24/7 Telemedicine
Average visit length 15 Minutes 30 minutes
Average referral rate 20% 2%
Average patient panel 3,500+ less than 1,000
Average wait time 20+ minutes less than 5 minutes
Average Lab Cost $90+ $15
Employer healthcare cost +61% higher per employee -24% lower per employee