Proactive MD offers better solutions to your onsite health and wellness needs.

As you consider opening an onsite health and wellness clinic, how can you be sure that the value will be worth the cost? Ask your provider these 6 clarifying questions:

Doctors or nurses?

Most onsite clinics follow a Nurse Practitioner model rather than a physician-based model. While both MDs and NPs are capable, Nurse Practitioners aren’t able to administer many of the procedures and services that board-certified physicians can.  

This is particularly true when it comes to more complex, costly, and chronic conditions that require long-term management and oversight. Whereas Nurse Practitioners can offer thorough, effective initial care, they must refer patients to outside providers for more complex issues. Those costs typically pass-through to you, decreasing overall ROI.

If all your clinic offers is a glorified urgent care center, that just doesn’t cut it.

Who bears the risk of pass-through costs?

Proactive MD offers a full-scope risk management solution by providing predictable, fixed-fee pricing with limited pass-through costs. But that’s not how the other guys do it.

Most traditional onsite clinics operate under a variable, pass-through model that puts most of the financial risk back on you. We assume the majority risk of variable pricing—including turnover and staff vacancies. That means the cost to operate your clinic is exactly what we tell you it will be on the day you sign your contract: no surprises.

Your current onsite clinic may make transactional health services more convenient for your employees, but how are they at delivering what’s really important: bending your healthcare cost curve?

How does your model improve healthcare outcomes and save me money?

Too many onsite clinics just aren’t set up to actually reduce the total cost of employee healthcare. They use an outdated model that focuses too heavily on transactional healthcare services and high-cost specialty referrals rather than forming long-term, meaningful relationships of care with their patients.

While forging deep and lasting relationships with your employees, Proactive MD Patient Advocates also seek out other healthcare providers— specialists, industry experts, second opinion networks— collaborating efficiently to deliver the best care. Through these partnerships, we are able to guide our patients through the entire continuum of care, address high-cost claimants, and improve health outcomes while saving you money.

How do you calculate ROI?

A conveniently-located clinic may reduce your employees’ urgent care visits, but it’s not enough to address the costs associated with managing complex and chronic conditions. Proactive MD knows that significant return on investment only comes from active patient engagement and appropriate care plans—not one-time healthcare transactions.

Traditional onsite clinics seek to prove their value by touting clinic volume, fees saved, and soft benefits like productivity gains—which is not even half the story. Proactive MD leads the industry with an ROI guarantee that measures your initial investment against both short and long-term savings, emphasizing the total cost of care.

How well do you engage with my employees?

Many onsite healthcare clinics put the responsibility for patient engagement back onto your human resources department—who are often too time-strapped to actively promote health and wellness offerings to your employees.

Proactive MD believes that this defeats the purpose of an onsite clinic. The clinic is not meant to be an onsite urgent care center your employees only hear about when they have the flu. Instead, we promote good health and wellness among your employees and their families every day.

Proactive MD Patient Advocates don’t sit back and wait for your employees to show up. They live up to our company’s name by carefully quantifying patient needs, strategically engaging patients based on our proprietary risk stratification model, and encouraging specific, individual interactions with our clinical team.

What is your performance guarantee?

While many onsite clinic vendors boast that they are willing to put their annual management fees at risk as a guarantee of performance satisfaction, when you actually dig into the numbers, it doesn’t add up to much. 100% of a clinic’s annual management fees could translate into just 3% of their total cost at risk. It’s something, just not much.

Proactive MD operates in a fully transparent way, putting at least 20% of our total fees at risk. We welcome the opportunity to connect with patients beyond the clinic walls and manage each patient’s overall healthcare experience.

That means greater patient engagement, improved health outcomes, higher levels of customer service, and a greater ROI. Guaranteed.

You probably have more questions. Hopefully, a couple for us at Proactive MD. Give us a call today—our team is never too busy to respond. In fact, it’s this personalized, hands-on service that helps us stand out from the rest. Put us to the test.