When the COVID-19 outbreak began, Proactive MD moved to assemble a task force to analyze incoming data, in addition to developing algorithms to predict future spread. We believe in transparency and want you to have access to the information we are receiving. Here is the latest info from the COVID-19 Task Force as of April 15, 2020.


  • We are almost certainly now seeing the impact of social distancing measures. If you look at the 2-4 week trends on new cases in the new summaries, all states seem to have hit a plateau of max new cases per day rather than continued exponential growth.
  • This is most apparent in Colorado, which might be on the downward slope.
  • South Carolina’s data is noisier. The state generally sees a lower number of cases identified each day leading it to be more sensitive to relatively small daily changes. South Carolina was also the last of the states examined here to put in place a “Stay-at-Home” order. 


For us, it is not enough to merely collect and review this data, or even to develop forecasting tools. Right now, we are acquiring supplies, designing protocols, and promoting campaigns to proactively support employers, patients, and their families. We remain committed to serving as your trusted healthcare partner and advisor, now and as we move forward.