Clinical claims out of control

  • Self-funded city municipality with over 800 employees
  • Proactive MD clinic serves all admin, police, fire departments, and their families
  • Clinical claims at an all time high when Proactive MD was called in to help

Most municipalities in America are having trouble providing adequate, affordable healthcare for their employees. With budget cuts across the board, municipalities have a distinctly difficult task: supplying great healthcare at a reasonable cost. That’s where Proactive MD stepped in to help one such employer.

Our Plan of Action

After our extensive claims analysis of this employer’s healthcare costs, Proactive MD was able to establish a comprehensive plan to address these issues immediately. Our onsite doctor was ready to use the plan we developed to target the high-risk individuals and get them into compliance.

Outcome by the numbers (2015):

Total number of visits to health & wellness center: 1,977

Total number of preventative care visits: 1,376

Total number of hours spent on education & outreach by clinical staff: 371

Reduction in ER visits: 33%

Estimated savings in claims made to insurance carrier: $952,949

Estimated primary care encounter savings: $513,253

Estimated pharmaceutical savings: $97,503

Estimated savings in onsite labs: $131,263


Helping people live healthier, more proactive lives is our passion at Proactive MD. Our clinical team was able to penetrate this employer group and living a healthier lifestyle has permeated through its entire employee population.

Not only were we able to impact this employer’s overall healthcare bottom line, but the money we saved this employer also ultimately affects the community around it. Saving tax payers money is a positive side effect of the Proactive MD health & wellness center for this community for years to come.

Empowering employers to see healthcare as an asset to manage rather than a cost to avoid